LANE CHANGE: Chapter Five of a Daria/Doctor Who crossover

Perpetrated by: Ranger Thorne


Trent looked at the group around him in confusion. They had taken him from one TARDIS into one that had been hidden in Jane's room. Now they were seated in what was a library, with him in a chair while the others were sitting on two sofas sitting across from him in a reverse 'V.'

"This is going to be bad, isn't it?" he asked Quinn, the only person he recognized.

"Depends on your point of view, Trent," the man said.

After a sigh, Daria glanced around before speaking, "Trent, how much do you remember about when Lawndale was invaded by the Daleks?"

"Um," he said as he thought, "Janey and Daria helped this guy with a scarf and this other girl to get us out of there. Then a bunch of soldiers showed up and we were told it was all a hallucination."

"It wasn't a hallucination," the Doctor stated. "It was real."

"Trent," Jane said, "you remember what I, uh, what you were told about Daria?"

"Um, she wasn't Human?"

"Right. She's a Time Lady. And he," she pointed, "is the same man that had the long scarf back then."

Trent looked at the Doctor for a long moment before turning back to her. "Nah, he doesn't look like him.

"Trent, I'm a Time Lord," the Doctor informed him. "When my people are near death we rebuild ourselves from top to bottom. We look and sound different. I've changed about a half-dozen times since then. But I'm still the Doctor."

"Remember the man in the fancy clothes who came and got me and Daria?" Quinn asked.


"That was the Doctor, too."

"Oh," the Doctor's eyes widened, "I'd forgotten about that. We did meet that day. I told you that I was there because we needed Daria and her SuperTARDIS. You told me to watch out for her because she was special. And of course I agreed." He grinned, "Daria is very special, and not just because she's my granddaughter."

"But Daria's dead, right?"

"No, Trent," Quinn corrected, "Daria is very much alive."

Obviously getting more confused, Trent said, "But Jane said she had to be dead."

"Jane was wrong," Daria told him. "But only because she didn't know better."

"So where is she?"

"First," the Doctor said, "remember that she's not Human. She's a member of my species. And we change instead of die."

"So . . . she changed?" He looked at Jane.

"I'm not her," she stated.

"I am," Daria told him. "I'm Daria."

"Whoa." He scowled. "Wait a minute, how do I know you're not just telling me this? All this could be some kind of trick. And where's Janey?"

Daria sighed. Then, standing, she moved so she could whisper in his ear. After a few seconds his eyes widened and a blush appeared on his cheeks. "Um," he managed to stammer, "you're uh you're Daria, all right."

As she went back to her seat the others could see a blush had appeared on her face as well. "I don't want to know," Jane insisted as she closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Right." The Doctor ran a hand through his hair. "Trent, you know that Time Lords and Ladies use these ships, called the TARDIS, to travel through time, right?"


"Okay, then imagine, if you will, that Daria has just had her night of concupiscence and has --"

"Night of what?" Jane interrupted.

"Concupiscence." Seeing blank expressions on all but Daria's face, who was scowling at him, he explained, "Um, lust."

"Oh," Jane Quinn and Trent said in unison.

"Anyway, after their night of unbridled passion Daria goes off to war." He grinned. "Only to find out that her tryst with Trent has resulted in conception. You see, my boy, you are a father."

"What?" Trent looked at Daria in shock. "I've got a kid? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Trent," she explained, "for me it was just a few hours ago. I've traveled through time to get here."

"So it's still a baby?"

"No," Jane snapped at him.

"She just acts like it sometimes," Daria said, smirking.

"Hey!" Jane glared at her.

"Anyway," Quinn cut them off, "Because of the war Daria ended up in the past, where she had your baby. Now, because of some stuff that happened she didn't get to raise her."

"Wait," Trent held up a hand, "you mean our little girl was raised by strangers? That's not cool. I would have taken her, Daria." Seeing the expressions on the faces of Daria the Doctor and the girl who looked like Daria use to he scowled at them and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Trent," Jane said, "you did."


"Our daughter was born September 16, 1982." Seeing he didn't understand, Daria went on. "She was born in Lawndale. According to the doctors I died shortly after giving birth, then my body was stolen. The baby was then given to the couple who brought me to the hospital."

"I don't get it."

"Jane is our daughter," she stated.

"What?" Shaking his head Trent said, "No, she can't be."

Counting on her fingers, Jane ticked off, "Jane Lane was adopted, she had same hair as her father, you, the same build as her father, you, the same --"

"But Janey was my sister," he insisted. "And besides, where is she?"

"Jane was shot, Trent," Quinn told him. "I saw her die."

The color drained from his face. "She's dead?"


"But you said she died. If she died she's dead."

Daria spoke up, "Trent, my daughter is half Time Lady. She regenerated."

"She," words failed him. He looked the group over until his eyes met the brown-haired woman next to Daria. His dark eyes locked with her blue eyes and he stared. "Janey?" he finally asked.

"Hey," she replied, smiling.

"It's you," he stated. Coming to his feet, he moved toward her only for her to meet him halfway. "You're okay."

"Now I am."

"You look cool," he told her.

"I do look pretty good," she agreed.

"So you're a time-something, right?"

"Time Lady."

"Cool." Looking at Daria he smirked before saying, "I guess I didn't do so bad after all."

"You did great, Trent," she told him.

"Cool," he repeated. The smirk faded as his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed.

"Help," Jane grunted as she tried to catch him. The Doctor managed to reach the two of them before Trent could hit the ground. Together they put him on a now-vacant sofa.

"Well," Jane said to her mother, "at least his head didn't explode."


The Doctor watched from the doorway as Trent sat next to Jane and listened as she told him about what had happened to Quinn's TARDIS.

"He's taking it well," Martha commented from beside him.

"Oh yeah," the Time Lord agreed, "and all it took was him passing out and having to be retold three times."

"He found out his sister is his daughter and both she and her mother are aliens," Martha pointed out. "I think he did very well."

"Oh I agree completely."

"So how long are we staying?"

"Well," he rubbed the back of his neck, "Quinn kinda made me promise to stay and help fix her TARDIS. So I'm going to be here for a couple of months, anyway."


"Well, there's no need for you to stay," he pointed out. "I can take you home then come back and help."

"And you promise not to go off without me?"

He grinned at her. "And leave my personal physician behind?" Shaking his head he answered his own question with, "Perish the thought."

"All right," she agreed, "it'll be good to see home again." Pointing at him, she admonished, "Just don't leave me behind, you got me?"

"Never crossed my mind."


Fuming, Stacy Rowe stormed across the parking lot toward her car. "How dare he," she complained to herself. "First he wants me to meet him here then he doesn't. I guess I know why he changed his mind, the little two-timer." Turning back toward the bleachers she growled, "I hope you and that diseased little tramp are happy together, Matthew Brant." She turned back to leave when a strange sound reached her ears.

An electronic 'whoosh' seemed to be combined with some kind of wheezing sound that came in and out a few times before fading completely. Stacy looked around in confusion for a few seconds before something else grabbed her attention.

A large wardrobe had appeared at the edge of the parking lot. Knowing it had not been there a moment ago, she walked around it twice before the door opened.

"Oh, hi," the redhead said when she saw her. Then her eyes opened and she smiled. "Stacy?"

"Quinn?" Stacy smiled back at her before asking, "What are you doing in there?"

"Test flight," came the reply. "I needed to make a quick trip to make sure everything is working."


"Do you have the time?"

"Um," Stacy raised her watch only to have Quinn grab her arm and move so she could see it.

"Ah, the time and the date." Looking over her shoulder at Stacy she smiled again and said, "Thank, Stacy." Without another word she turned and went inside the wardrobe.

"Uh, wait, Quinn." Stacy caught the door before it could close and looked inside. She then stepped back and looked at the wardrobe before looking inside again. After repeating this process once more she finally stepped inside the wardrobe and allowed the door to close behind her.

The room was immaculate, with roundels in the wall and the soft carpet beneath her feet all being a matching tan. A consol was placed in the center of the room with controls of some kind and a column rising up to the ceiling. The column was opaque with several rows of red lights running the length of it. Quinn was leaning over the controls with her back to the door.

Now that she wasn't so surprised, Stacy took in the black coverall Quinn was wearing with her black boots and gray T-shirt. She looked a little older than Stacy thought she would, but seemed to be in good health. Suddenly she looked up. "I forgot to get the year," she said.

"It's 2002," Stacy supplied.

"2002?" Quinn looked around, slightly surprised. "I went back farther than I thought."

"Back where?" Stacy asked.

Quinn turned to face her as she leaned against the consol. She looked at her friend for a long moment before she spoke. "Stacy, don't ask unless you really, really want to know."

Another long moment passed before she did. "What's going on, Quinn?"

Quinn smiled at her. "Time is going on, Stacy." Seeing the confusion, she reached around to lightly touch the consol behind her. "This is a TARDIS. That stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It's a time ship."

"So you came from the future?"

"That's right. If it's 2002 you're probably wondering what happened to me after graduation."

"Yeah. You just vanished."

"I went to a school on another planet. I'm the only Human to graduate," she told her.

"Wow." Stacy looked around again. "And this is your ship?"




"Um," Stacy began.

"I don't know what happens to you," Quinn cut her off. "In my time I just got back to Earth after fighting in a war in space."

"A war? You were in a war?"

"The last Time War," Quinn supplied. "But enough about all that. What's up with --" Screaming sounds made their way in from the outside. With a look of confusion at Stacy, Quinn went to the door and opened it enough to step out.

Green creatures with eight tentacles were slithering their way across the parking lot. One had a man in one arm and a woman in another. "Serves you right, Matthew," Stacy said from beside Quinn.

"Ex boyfriend?" Quinn asked as the creature continued past them.


Smiling, Quinn rubbed her hands together. "Well, then, I guess someone is going to have to save the day." Looking over at Stacy, she asked, "Shall we?"


"Can you think of anyone better?"

Slowly Stacy smiled. "You know, for some reason I can't."

Quinn closed the door to the TARDIS before turning back to her friend and saying, "Then I guess it's our turn to save the world." The duo then ran toward the source of the trouble.


"So," Jane asked as she followed Daria out of the TARDIS, "where are we again?"

"You tell me."

Jane shook her head before saying, "I'm still getting use to all this."

"Oh. Well, we are in Hawaii. Oahu to be precise." She pointed off to their left. "The big island is over there, but is going through a quiet spell right now. And," she turned and smiled at her daughter, "no people. The natives don't reach this part of the island for another year."

"We have it all to ourselves?"

"Yep." Seeing that Jane didn't look as happy as she thought she would, Daria asked, "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing." Jane smiled and shrugged before explaining, "I was just kind of hoping we'd do something exciting."

"Like what?"

"I don't know," she replied. "It's just that you and the Doctor and Quinn all have these stories of things that happened on other planets. And . . . I guess I was hoping to have a story like that of my own to tell."

Daria grinned. "You're wanting to see what's out there then?" She nodded toward the sky. "You want to see Earth in the rear-view mirror so to speak?"

"Kind of, yeah."

"Want danger and excitement?"

"Kind of, yeah."

"All right." Daria nodded toward the TARDIS. "We'll need to make a stop first, though."

"We do?"

"A little place called Cardiff. You see," the grin grew slightly, "one must always fill the gas tank before going on long trips."

"So Cardiff is a TARDIS gas station?"

"Kind of, yeah."

Jane's grin matched her mothers. "Cool."


Decelaraptinguildintshtad was a bleak place, with the only sign of life a small pile of material outside of a TARDIS that had imitated the blue box of the Doctor. Monique glanced around once as she picked up the last of the parts and took them aboard. A few minutes later she stepped out and looked across the beach at the line of blue boxes.

"Funny how it vanished so quickly," she muttered. "I just wish he would vanish. Then I could --" With a grunt she doubled over in pain. Her green eyes darkened as her lips moved and a deeper voice said, "Enough wishful thinking. You know what you have to do."

Her eyes cleared as the pain faded. Monique placed her hands on her stomach as she closed her eyes again and bit her lip. A small sob escaped before she opened her eyes and stepped into the TARDIS. A few seconds later the engines started and the ship faded from view.